This page lets you search the largest Martian crater database, one that is complete1 for craters as small as 1.0 km. Using this form, you can search by kind of crater, and then you can choose what data you want output.

If you want to download a tab-separated file that contains the entire database for diameters ≥1 km, use this link and save-as to your computer.

Select basic crater parameters and location
  1. Latitude Range
  2. Longitude Range
  3. Diameter Range (1.0-512 km)

Common Searches

This crater database contains approximately 90 different columns of possible information for each crater, though not all craters have this information available2. We have provided you presets for some of the most commonly requested searches that will automatically propogate through the check boxes below, or you can customize what data is output.

Select a commonly requested search

Output the Following Columns

Select a commonly requested search

THEMIS-Based Location/Size Data

Output THEMIS-Based Location/Size Data

MOLA-Based Location/Size Data

Output MOLA-Based Location/Size Data

MOLA-Based Topographic Data

Output MOLA-Based Topographic Data

Crater Interior and Ejecta Morphology

Output Crater Interior and Ejecta Morphology

Ejecta Morphometry

Output Ejecta Morphology

Behind-the-Scenes Numbers

Output behind-the-scenes numbers